Prepare to get fired up Wolverine Nation, because this next story is going to piss some people off. Check out the story of the young Wolverine fan who was forced to turn his U of M shirt inside out by his school.

You would think, living in America, you could wear any shirt you wanted to.   But you'd be wrong, because in Communist Oklahoma, the higher ups will dictate your clothing, at least if you're a Michigan fan.

Five-year-old Cooper Barton goes to Wilson Elementary in Oklahoma City and proudly wore his Blue and Maize shirt that reads "The Big House".  School administrators told the young Wolverine that his t-shirt broke Oklahoma City School Districts dress code policy.  The policy states students in the district are only allowed to wear apparel from Oklahoma, Oklahoma State or other Oklahoma colleges and professional teams.

The school district claims the banning of sporting goods was put into place in an effort to reduce gang clothing and for the safety of students.  I understand the concept of what the school is doing, but it's pretty unlikely that Barton is wearing colors to gain street creed.

Source: Yahoo