While there may be no protection while in the circle pit at a Slayer concert, the band wants to make sure you have some when you're going 'South of Heaven'.

Slayer have been helping people headbang for decades, now they just want to help you bang. The all-time masters of thrash metal have unleashed their very own brand of condoms, announcing the following via their website:

"For when you’re going South of Heaven! Each Slayer Custom Condom ‘matchbook’ holds 1 Durex latex condom. Available as a 3-pack or 6-pack."

Though the prices are somewhat steep, $12.99 for a 3-pack and $19.99 for 6, if you feel the need to rock a metal condom (ouch! Maybe that's not the best nickname for these) you can purchase them today.

Really the condoms are Durex brand that come (no pun intended) in a Slayer matchbook, so once you use the condom you can replace it with the brand of your choosing. You're basically buying a condom carrying case/empty matchbook. While Durex do help to prevent pregnancy/STDs, if it starts 'Raining Blood' -- you're on your own.