Banned Australian Condom Commercial [VIDEO]
After watching this condom commercial you'll understand why it was pulled from Australian airwaves. It features a couple that is shopping for condoms and after not being sure what size would best fit, the store clerk suggest that they try em' on and give em a test run.
Dude Snorts Three Condoms Through His Nose At Once [VIDEO]
I've done a lot of things with condoms.  I've ripped them off and thrown them against the wall hoping it would stick, put them over my head, and even used them as water balloons.  I have never tried to snort one though, let alone three at once.  Watch this moron do just that…
Antibiotic-Resistant Gonorrhea Spreading
The best thing about gonorrhea is that it's really easy to get rid of.  Pop 4 antibiotics at once and you'll be back to raw doggin it the next day.  That was until now, because an antibiotic-resistant strand of super gonorrhea is making it's way around, gunking up your junk …
Music Made With Condoms
Condoms are pretty awesome. They keep your junk gunk-free, are cheap as hell, and they prevent a life filled with changing diapers and paying for college. Along with all that, now they make music too.
See How Condoms Are Made
I always thought condoms were made by elves in trees, but it turns out I was thinking about cookies.  To get the real story on what's protecting your genitals and how they produce over 1 million rubbers day, check this video out.
Condoms Tested Out Car Window
Whenever you strap on a condom, there is always that concern that it's some shoddy, poorly made piece of rubber and you're going to both get her pregnant and get AIDS at the same time.   These dudes must have had that concern, and they decided to put their condoms to the test.
Detroit Man Shot and Killed Over Condom Dispute [VIDEO]
This is crazy.  A Detroit BP gas station clerk is behind bars after shooting and killing a man reportedly over the price of condoms.
Michael Haynes II allegedly was trying to return and/or get a better deal on condoms.  That did not happen.  Instead, Haynes allegedly began shoving item…

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