We have the latest from Sublime with Rome's debut album 'Yours Truly' which hits stores July 12th. The new song 'Murdera' walks the thin line between paying homage to Bradley Nowell and being a flat out immitation. I'm still on the fence about the new material but let's see what you think.

I don't envy bands that find themselves in the position that the surviving members of Sublime did some 15 years ago. You work so hard to achieve a level of success and then a tragedy pulls the rug out from under you. That's exactly what happened with Sublime in 1996. Now they are reunited and tasked with the nearly impossible mission of regaining success with a frontman (Rome Ramirez) who sounds similar to the late (and irreplaceable) Bradley Nowell.

Maintaining that they only wish to pay tribute to his legacy and start a new chapter in the Sublime saga, Bud Gaugh and Eric Wilson head into unknown territory with their upcoming album 'Yours Truly'. Some bands like Alice in Chains, Drowning Pool, and AC/DC have found their way back to success after losing their vocalist. There are just as many who have fallen by the wayside after a death like Nirvana for example. It's always a slippery slope when you replace a deceased member,  what do you think of Sublime with Rome? Are you glad to hear the members carry on and pay tribute or is it a slap in the face?

The song 'Murdera' is the second song ('Panic' was the first) released from the forthcoming album; it definitely hearkens back to the sound of the eponymous Sublime release, but is it too close?