Getting Bullied at Your Workplace? You’re Not Alone
Bullying isn’t just limited to kids on a playground — it also affects adults in the workplace. In fact, a recent poll found more than a third of American employees, 53 million in all, have been intimidated, harassed or threatened by a boss or co-worker.
Mitt Romney Accused of Being A School Bully [POLL]
Should you be judged on what you did in the past? Presidential candidate, Mitt Romney has recently been accused of being a high school bully. The Washington Post has spoken with some of his classmates from his days at Cranbook and let's just say all of the memories are not fond ones.
“The Bully” Saga Continues [VIDEO]
Most of us have seen or heard the video of the chubby kid Casey getting his revenge on a the bully Richard.  From what I've seen, I still believe Casey did the right thing.  But of course Richard wants his 15 mins of fame...so you be the judge!  Check out the original video and t…