Commercial Jingle Mash Up [VIDEO]
Have you ever wondered what it would sound like if someone took 25 commercial jngles and made one giant jingle? Me either. But someone has and here it is! Now I want McDonald's, Rice A Roni and SpaghettiOs!
Banned Super Bowl Commercials [VIDEO]
Every year companies spend millions of dollars on Super Bowl commercials. Each year some of those commercials are banned. Thanks to the internet we can see the to hot for TV spots. Here are some from last year. On Monday, February 2nd, we can watch this years banned commercials. Enjoy!
This Has to Be the Best Commercial for a Tattoo Shop, Ever [VIDEO]
A couple days ago I posted an amazingly epic TV commercial only Super Bowl viewers in Savannah, Georgia got to see. I also said that commercial might just be the greatest ever made. Turns out I might have been wrong. Another Georgia business just may have the better TV spot...
Japanese Company a Makes Scary Ad for Tires [VIDEO]
This Japanese tire commercial has been getting a lot of online love lately because of how ridiculously scary it is. I don't want to ruin it for you, but let's just say there's just one really scary part. It even comes with a health warning at the beginning of the video...

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