Get ready to grab the tissues because Chevrolet has just unleashed the tear-jerker of the holiday season, straight from the heart of Michigan.

In a stunning cinematic masterpiece, Chevrolet’s latest commercial isn’t just tugging at heartstrings, it’s pulling them with the force of a thousand holiday emotions. Set against the picturesque backdrop of Holly, Michigan, this commercial isn’t your typical advertisement, but an emotional storytelling marvel that captures the essence of love, family, and the true meaning of the holidays.

For so many the new ad, which is making the rounds in droves across social media, is a story that is relatable for so many families especially this time of year. As someone who lived through my mother slipping away due to Alzheimer's, it resonates and puts holiday love in perspective. What's more, parts of the ad were filmed right here in Mid-Michigan.

A few weeks back Holly, Michigan was the backdrop for the new Chevy ad and the streets became a mini Hollywood. Local residents were able to catch a glimpse of filming up and down the streets of the historic village. Janelle Dione was lucky enough to have her home featured in the background.

"I was lucky to be a part of it, as they asked to use my house in the background and decorate it. The crew was all so very nice", she wrote while sharing shots from the filming. 

Photo: Courtesy of Janelle Dione
Photo: Courtesy of Janelle Dionne

The final product was released just in time for the start of the holiday season with not only fantastic shots of the downtown Holly area but even a few shoutouts. Viewers will notice a mention of the Bittersweet Cafe and a mention of Saginaw Street.

Photo courtesy of Janelle Dionne
Photo courtesy of Janelle Dionne

This commercial isn’t just a tear-jerker; it’s a reminder of the love, compassion, and connections that make this season so incredibly special. Be prepared to shed a tear or two and cherish the warmth of the holidays with this emotional masterpiece from Chevrolet.

We're sure there will be a shortened version hitting the airways, but the full version is worth every minute. Make it a holiday to remember...

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