Pee Wee Hockey Coach Gets Jail Time For Tripping Player [Video]
This has to be one of the most disgusting and aggravating things I’ve ever seen. Watch as pee wee hockey coach Martin Tremblay, 48, sweeps the leg out from under two of the opposing teams players, ages 10 and 13, at the end of the game as the team’s line up to shake hands. Way to teach…
Senior’s Throwdown at Bingo Brawl
If you've ever accompanied your Grandma to a bingo game as a child one of the first lessons you learned is don’t disrupt grandma, her concentration, or the game. Apparently this rule doesn't apply to Avon sale folk. Or does it?
Police Find Meth Lab Inside Golf Course Port-A-Potty[Video]
Honestly, who needs to make meth in a port-a-potty to get a buzz? The fumes from the dirty blue water alone are enough to gag a maggot. Seriously, even the four yokels in Burton were smart enough to use a house. Oh, wait, I forgot, we are talking about Oklahoma here.
Cops Chase Krispy Kreme Truck[VIDEO]
While the idea for this story sounds like it was stolen from a campy, low budget, b-movie from the 80’s this seriously happened.  Sometimes you just can’t make this stuff up. Especially if you live in Georgia (or Florida.)

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