Cockatiel Dancing [VIDEO]
I have heard of the 'chicken dance' but I have never heard of a bird dancing until now.  MSN is speculating that the birds owner is giving the feathered friend dance cues, but who cares.  It is still funny to watch. I am guessing that bird brains are not so small after all. If th…
Chick Dances Like Nobody’s Watching
I have a feeling there will be a lot more of these to come. The first time around this chick was cutting some rug at a laundromat, now she's throwing down at the mall. It's funny how people try to pretend that they don't even notice her dancing out of control.
Latest Internet Dance Craze; Chunky Indian Boy
The Internet is full of wannabe backup dancers and little kids showing their moves in front of the camera. Check out this little-ish kid shaking his rump; he sure has a big smile while shaking his groove-thang! This may be the next internet sensation; or he may be the next portly kid to drop a few p…

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