Dirt Fest 2014

Check Out The Ourtunez Slow Motion Dirt Fest Video
Last weekend during Dirt Fest you may have noticed a tent where there were a bunch of people jumping around and rocking out with some inflatables. Well that was the Ourtunez tent and now we know why folks were acting all goofy in there.
Battlecross — Dirt Fest 2014 [PICS]
When it comes to metal, Battlecross were the kings of Dirt Fest 2014. It started with the fans chanting Battlecross then they started chanting Kaleb which is frontman Gumby's son (coolest thing I saw all day), and then the metal started. It truly was a badass band to watch from start to finish.
Nonpoint — Dirt Fest 2014 [PICS]
There's no doubt that Nonpoint put on one of the best performances at Dirt Fest this past weekend. Elias had that crowd jumping around like nobody else, reminding all of us how important they still are to the rock world. In my opinion, they simply killed it!
Awesome Fan Footage Compilation From Dirt Fest 2014 [VIDEOS]
It's hard for us to catch and deliver all of the action at Dirt Fest every year, it's a good thing we have you and you have a camera. This is a compilation of bands that performed this year including Powerman 5000, Nothing More, Like a Storm, Nonpoint and Killswitch Engage.

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