Michigan Residents Strung Out On Heroin and Dying [VIDEO]
Heroin use is becoming more widespread across Michigan, which is leading to the unfortunate uprising in overdose deaths. This phenomenon, according to experts, is due to the high cost of prescription painkillers and the inability for many junkies to track down a consistent supply.
Possessed Woman On Subway Attacks Man Next To Her [VIDEO]
Possessed or drugged up, you decide. Whatever the reason, this chick looked terrifying. As she grabs the guy next to her by the throat and tries to punch him in the face, at first, he seems like he doesn't know what to do. After he retaliates, the cops swoop in and arrest him.
Heroin Epidemic Spreading Across Michigan
Heroin is becoming an epidemic in Michigan. Experts say that with prescription painkillers becoming more expensive and difficult to get, many pill-popping opiate junkies have made the switch to smack.
Guy Has Surgery, Forgets What His Wife Looks Like [VIDEO]
There's no denying that you've had one of those rough nights out at the bar where you latched on to someone (or something) less than desirable to go home with (although most of the guys reading this won't admit it). Then there's always the morning after where, in your drunken stu…
Man High On Mushrooms Rips Off His Own Penis in Ypsilanti [VIDEO]
A 41-year-old man is recovering after an alarm went off at a middle school in Ypsilanti Township, Michigan. The police officers responding to the alarm found a man outside of the school screaming in pain because he had ripped off his own junk after taking some shrooms.

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