Cops In Need Of Anger Management Caught On Tape
Check out this footage.  I completely understand how high strung an officer can be.  I have many friends that are cops and I can't imagine doing what they do.  Sometimes though, there are some that get out of hand.  Check it out here.
Brain Freeze Contest Ends With Table To Throat
We have all had a brain freeze once or twice in our lifetime time but this seems brutal.  It's the worst feeling every but I never thought you could pass out from one.  Check out the ending to this contest.  On a side note, I'm pretty sure the blonde girl is going to go real…
The Ultimate Bikini Fail Video Compilation
Chick failing while wearing bikinis.  What more could you ask for?  Some of these are just bad luck but most of them are just alcohol fueled.  I don't know what it is about that good ole liquid courage that really make you much dumber than you should be.  Enjoy!
Work Out Fail Compilation [VIDEO]
Working out sucks.  Some people talk about how it is a natural high, but some people are idiots.  Check out this video and you'll keep your ass out the gym for sure.
Armed Robber Gets Beatdown By Store Clerk
It's even tough to be a criminal nowadays.  This guy just couldn't win.  The clerk just kept closing the cash drawer on him and when he jumped the counter out came the riot police style mace.  After being maced he got held down and had that dog snot kicked out of him.  …
Armed Robbery Fail in Grand Rapids
Most armed robbers are generally dumber than most but this guy is a complete idiot.  If you're going to rob a place, it's probably better if you pick a place that doesn't have a crap-ton of people in it.  You might want to look around every once in awhile to see if anyone is…

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