How To Catch A Fish Like A Real Man
This guy takes being a fisherman to the extreme.  I have enough trouble catching fish with bait and a fishing pole.  This guy just dives right in and grabs a trout.  'Merica!
Fisherman Loses Catch To Tiger Shark [VIDEO]
They say any day fishing is a good day fishing. I am not sure who 'they' are, but this man could disagree. Usually when fishing you are competing against other people fishing, not a shark. Watch as this fisherman loses his catch to a shark!
Man Goes Fishing and Catches Injured Dog
This is a pretty weird thing that took place as this dude was out on a fishing trip. It was just a normal fishing day on the lake when all of a sudden a dog swims up to his boat. The dog was injured and had some visible wounds but the guy pulled him up on his boat and saved the day. This guy was rea…
Jacque Coustaeu’s Dynamite Fishing
Fishing is kind of hard to do. Blowing stuff up is a lot easier. Check out Jaque Coustaeu take that logic to an extreme level in his demonstration of Dynamite Fishing.