Date Ends With Carjacking, Not A Happy Ending [VIDEO]
Usually guys want to get in your pants on a first date, not steal your car. One Florida woman is sorry she said yes to a date with a stranger after he pulled a gun on her and told her to get out of HER OWN CAR. I have heard of plenty of 'jacking' going on during a date, just not an actual …
Man Forces Woman To Swallow Engagment Ring [VIDEO]
If she didn't swallow during the relationship, she sure had to at the end of it. Florida resident and super douche, Faron Thompson was charged with battery after literally forcing his fiance to swallow her engagement ring when she attempted to leave him.
Woman Arrested for Calling 911 Over Delicious Bologna Sandwiches
I think we all have enjoyed a delicious sandwich at one time or another. If a sandwich is so great, I might recommend it to a friend, not a 911 operator. Florida resident Christine Lee Brown enjoyed a bologna sandwich so much that she was served while in jail, she allegedly called 911 to thank the s…
Man Beats Girlfriend For Waking Him Up With Sex Toy
Surprise, surprise, it's another white trash story coming out of Florida.  This one features a man who was awoken by the sound of his girlfriend using her vibrator, and proceeded to kick her out of the house, foot vs face style.

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