Naked Man Attempts To Eat At Waffle House [VIDEO]
New rule - 'No clothes, no service'. A Georgia man was arrested after he attempted to enter a Waffle House restaurant completely naked. It gets creepier, Bashir Rasheed, 36, began touching himself and even pressed his 'sausage' against a window. Ugh.
Dude Totally Rocks Drums a Drum Kit While Riding a Sled [VIDEO]
With the 2nd Annual Cardboard Classic just days away I'm thinking that we need to get this guy signed up! Although, it is kind of strange why anyone would do this in the first place. Maybe he's trying to be the next Tommy Lee, who dazzled us all in the 80's with his spinning, rol…
Georgia Sheriff Calls Off Valentine’s Day – Lucky!
How lucky are the people in Oconee County? I will tell you how lucky they are, their sheriff actually cancelled Valentine's Day. That's right, called off, not happening, suck it cupid! With good news, there is usually bad news to follow. V-Day has been rescheduled to February 18th. Ugh.

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