Vehicles Fall Through Ice At Wisconsin Winterfest
I live on a lake and there is no way in Hell I would ever take a vehicle on the ice, especially this  year. I don't care how thick the ice is, it scares me. Parking on the ice did not scare quite a few people in Wisconsin recently. However the end result is exactly why I don't trust i…
Jeep Falls Through Ice on Lobdell Lake [VIDEO]
I live on a lake and am afraid to even walk too far out on the ice, let alone drive a vehicle on it. This past weekend, a chili cook-off was held on Lobdell Lake in Linden. I do not have all of the information, but I do know a Jeep went through the ice. Luckily, no one was injured.
Icy Water Rescue Turns into a Bunch of Frozen Tools [VIDEO]
This all starts out with one dude on a sled that went a bit too far and ended up in the water. After rescuers come to his aide, they all start falling into the icy waters one by one. I have a huge fear of being trapped under ice and this video really gives me the chills, maybe not not as big of chil…