Nightmare Inducing Mass of Spiders [VIDEO]
I'm not in particularly afraid of spiders, but this video had me freaking out within the first few seconds.  Check out this giant collection of spiders, which will be haunting your dreams for days.
Weirdest Sexual Phobias – Fantone’s Friday Top 5
I found out today that the word for having a fear of Friday the 13th is friggatriskaidekaphobia, which peaked my interest into other phobias.  And as I got looking into other phobias, i realized there are a whole bunch of weird sexual phobias.  Here's five of the weirdest that I found…
Man Scared To Tears By Puppies
I really don't have one irrational phobia, more just a general fear of dying.  But I get why some people are afraid of snakes, or heights, or spiders, or anything that can kill you.  I do not understand why someone would be afraid of puppies though.  Unless of course you were wor…