Rich Rod

Michigan Coaching Candidates
Well, it' s official.  One day after U of M denied reports of firing their head coach, it was announced today, Richard Rodriguez is no longer a Wolverine.  And for all of the hype in the past 2 weeks, the dream replacement, MI alum Jim Harbaugh, doesn't appear to be en route to A…
Don’t Fire Rich!
I know a lot of people are going to disagree when I say this, but Michigan really effed up when they fired Rich Rod, if they really did fire Rich Rod.  Check my reasons inside.
Jim Harbaugh To Ann Arbor?
It's pretty well known Rich Rod's days are numbered at Michigan.  I'm not a real big "Fire the Coach" guy, but if the Wolverines can lure Jim Harbaugh away from Stanford, you can start humming "The Victors".  More details inside.