Snowmobile Front Flip Landed In X-Games
The Winter X-Games are here, so that means we get to watch videos of people practically killing themselves in the snow.  Check out this video of a snowmobile landing a wicked front flip.
Snowmobilers Dig Out Friend Buried Alive by Avalanche
It was just a normal day as a group of friends were out on their snowmobiles tearing it up on the side of this mountain, when all of a sudden they were hit by an avalanche. They were damn lucky that the avalanche wasn't any bigger, they may have lost their buddy.
Brutal Snowmobile Accident
With snow in the forecast, I'm sure many of you are getting ready to get those sleds out for some action. Please be safe this snowmobile season and don't end up like these two dudes. Holy crap, this guy got smoked hard by another guy on a snowmobile. It's crazy to see how fast somethi…