South Carolina

Husband Stabbed by Wife With Squirrel [VIDEO]
We talk a lot about how the most jacked up stuff seems to always happen in Florida, well South Carolina just put themselves in the running for that title in 2014. This chick was arrested for "Assault with a deadly squirrel" after she sent her husband out for beer and he came home e…
Swaying Plant Mesmerizes Tourist in S.C. [VIDEO]
A dude and his girl found a weird surprise while hangin' out on Hilton Head Island in South Carolina. As the walked through the woods thy found this crazy plant swaying from side to side all on its own. A quick look about shows no other plant life to be moving only the lone plant swaying b…
Woman Strips At Press Conference [VIDEO]
You don't have to take your clothes off to have a good time, but you can! Watch as one South Carolina woman did just that a press conference of all places. Usually that type of event can be boring, not this one!
South Carolina Dismisses QB Stephen Garcia from Team
Stephen Garcia, South Carolina’s troubled on-again/off-again quarterback, has been dismissed from the team following his latest violation of team rules.
The fifth-year senior started 34 games for the Gamecocks, including four this year. However, he was benched for last week’s game in favo…