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Evanescence Vs. The Product – Cockfight
Evanescence steps into the weekend of The Cockfight to prove that it's not just for dudes anymore. Two songs battle for a spot in rotation, you can vote once a day until the poll closes Sunday at 10p ET.
Rains Vs. The Product – Cockfight
The Product's win streak continued last night after they beat down Adrenaline Mob, tonight they square off against the new single from Rains. Check out the tracks and vote for your favorite -- it's The Cockfight!
Prong Vs. The Product – Cockfight
Prong returns with a kick ass new song, will it be enough to defeat The Product? Check out the tracks, vote for your favorite and find out the answer to that question in The Cockfight!
The Product ‘April In The D’ Used On Fox Sports Detroit
I was watching the Tigers earlier this afternoon and during a commercial break, I thought, "Damn, this song sounds like The Product''.  Then I came out of my smokey haze and realized, it was The Product.  Check out their new track for Fox Sports Detroit.

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