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Kid Celebrates Too Early, Loses Match [VIDEO]
Never, ever celebrate a victory until you know for sure that you won. These guys were in a pretty serious gaming competition and after taking a round, a celebration happened. Thinking that the match was over, this kid jumped up and started to celebrate. When the next round started, he got his ass ha…
How Guys And Girls Play Video Games [VIDEO]
This seems pretty damn accurate to me. Anyone that has played a video game in their life has more than likely launched a few cuss words at the TV. I know I have. Now I just need to find a girl like her and I'll never leave the house.
The Future Of Virtual Reality Gaming Is Here
Looks like the future of fat and lazy kids is about to change.  Check out this new virtual reality gaming system.  It uses a treadmill, "real" weapon controllers, and VR goggles.  It looks like it'll be a blast for kids to play as long as they're not to pud…

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