Swaying Plant Mesmerizes Tourist in S.C. [VIDEO]
A dude and his girl found a weird surprise while hangin' out on Hilton Head Island in South Carolina. As the walked through the woods thy found this crazy plant swaying from side to side all on its own. A quick look about shows no other plant life to be moving only the lone plant swaying b…
The Weirdest Performance Art Ever [VIDEO]
Art can be anything.  Some people express themselves with dance or music or paintings or spoken word or one of many other ways to create art.  This video features what is easily the most effed up performance I've ever seen.  Check out the bizarreness.
Fantone Is Too Stupid To Recognize Fake Commercial [UPDATED]
There has been some weird commercials over the course of TV history and if you're an idiot like me you don't recognize the difference between the fake and real ones. This new parody ad for Reese's Pieces might take the cake.  Check out this fake commercial featuring child birth, …
Double Jointed Finger Trick
Chicks always tell dudes with small members that what they can do with their fingers is just as important. If that is the truth, this dude's wiener out of luck, cuz his fingers are pretty effin unbelievable.
Resonance: Experimental Audio Visual Trippy Video
Drugs are bad.  I would never tell you to do them.  Even if you were about to watch the one of the trippiest videos in existence.  Don't do drugs. This video makes you feel like your on them. Resonance is an experimental project combining visual and audio effect studios and this …
Human Horse [VIDEOS]
So Mags just posted about horse shoes for humans.  And a lot of people ask "What the hell would you do with those?"  Well, you'd probably do something like this.
Robot Arm Amusement Park [VIDEO]
I would really like to put Tony on this ride to see if we can make him sick. He has the worst motion sickness of anyone I know, so he may even get sick from watching this video.

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