Hell to the yes, Tigers fans! We've got nothing but good news coming out of Lakeland as Miggy was given the a-okay from doctors to get back out on the field. Check out the details.

It was a pretty nasty ball to the face that sidelined Miguel Cabrera about a week ago, but luckily, it's in the Tigers' rear view mirror as the wrap up spring training.  The star third baseman was given medical clearance to get back on the diamond after an odd hop busted his orbital bone, leaving him with eight stitches.

Jim Leyland was obviously excited to have the big fella back, especially considering how bad of a bounce the ball took on Cabrera.  He said he reviewed the tapes and acknowledged that the error wasn't on Cabrera, just the bounce.  He even jokingly said,

"He did do something wrong, He didn't get the (expletive) out of the way."

If you don't consider the Tigers a legit contender to take it all this year, you're fooling yourself.  I'm still worried about Cabrera playing third, Brandon effing Inge being on the team, and who the hell our starting fifth pitchers is going to be, but the Tigers are built to make a run this year.