With Mike Portnoy celebrating his 52nd birthday over the weekend, we wanted to put together a killer compilation of the legendary drummer’s most spectacular parts.

With dozens of Modern Drummer awards on his wall, most of Portnoy’s best work comes from his time with Dream Theater. The prog gods put together some of the most complex and imaginative music of the last 30 years, with Portnoy adding flair and character to classics like “Octavarium,” “The Dance of Eternity” and “The Glass Prison.”

Portnoy has also dazzled fans with his drum solos over the years. From drum clinics to live shows and drum cam clips, we’ve added some of Mike’s best breakout moments highlighting his extreme skill level.

We also wanted to highlight his time with an essential power trio, The Winery Dogs. Alongside Richie Kotzen and Billy Sheehan, Mike Portnoy lets it rip with The Winery Dogs in the vein of classic ‘60s and ‘70s three-pieces. We threw in the ending of “Elevate,” which Portnoy takes home with a huge solo.

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