Over the years, Flint, Michigan has made a number of appearances on the thinking man's game show 'Jeopardy!' It took some doing, but we found them all.

Despite having played an integral role in modern American history, Flint, Michigan doesn't get much attention on the national scene. Hell, these days when someone says "What is Flint?" Nine out of ten times you'll get the answer "that place with the bad water" from non-Michiganders.

There's a lot more to Flint than just bad water though. Anyone who's watched the game show 'Jeopardy!' religiously since 1985 would know that we are also the home of Michael Moore, the UAW Sit-Down Strike, and share a name with a mineral. Obviously, there's a lot more to Flint than that, but that's about the extent of our 'Jeopardy!' clue exposure according to the fan site J! Archive. See for yourself:

  1. A sparking rock or a Michigan city (#141, aired 1985-03-25 | Category: ROCKS & MINERALS - $200)
  2. When GM workers struck in this city in 1936 & 1937, the "sparks" created got the UAW recognized (#2733, aired 1996-06-19 | Category - MICHIGAN CITIES $1000)
  3. This 1989 film ends with the line "This film cannot be shown within the city of Flint. All the theaters have closed" (#3829, aired 2001-04-05 | Final Jeopardy Category: DOCUMENTARIES)
  4. A Michigan city of 130,000 that you can use to start a fire (#4010, aired 2002-01-25 | Category: KEY STONES - $800) 
  5. GM is associated with this Michigan city that some find a striking shade of gray (#4402, aired 2003-10-28 | Category: SHADES OF GRAY - $1200)
  6. The Flint, Michigan airport is named for Arthur Bishop, who was on this company's board for 29 years (#4777, aired 2005-05-17 | Category: AIRPORT NAMES - $1200) 
  7. The name of this hard stone, a form of silica resembling chalcedony, can also be found on maps of Michigan (#5090, aired 2006-10-27 | Category: ROCK OF AGES - $800)  
  8. By the UAW in Flint, December 1936 to February 1937 (#5593, aired 2008-12-24 | Category: THEY GOT STRUCK - $800)
  9. Historically a manufacturing stronghold, it's 60 miles northwest of Detroit (#5998, aired 2010-10-13 | Category: "F" IN GEOGRAPHY - $800) 
  10. This form of silica, also the name of a Michigan city, is Ohio's gemstone (#6205, aired 2011-07-29 | Category: STATE GEMS - $4,000 *Daily Double*) 
  11. In Michigan they're still asleep in Ironwood but getting up in this rock-hard seat of Genesee County (#7025, aired 2015-03-13 | Category: 2-TIMING STATES - $1000)
  12. The EPA says it's a problem if water has more of this element than 15 parts per billion; in 2015 Flint, Mich. tested at 27 (#7275, aired 2016-04-08 | Category: THERE'S CHEMISTRY BETWEEN US - $400) 
  13. In 2016, the Washington Post showed lead in parts-per-billion in Michigan; with the normal level of cause for concern being 5, in Troy, it was 1.1, in Detroit, it was 2.3, & in this city, a staggering 27 (#7369, aired 2016-09-29 | Category: MICHIGAN HISTORY -  $800 - Graph clue presented by Jimmy of the Clue Crew)

Also, shout out to our favorite Canadian, and one the most triple OG mustache bros we know of (even though he no longer has one) -- Alex Trebek. He's currently recovering from brain surgery and we wish him all the best.

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