A few recent technology based stories have me convinced that 'Black Mirror' is more than just a horrifying glimpse at what our future could be -- it's our actual future.

'Black Mirror' is by far one of my favorite Netflix discoveries. I had heard very little about it prior to the launch of the third season, and decided to dive in head first one afternoon in late October of 2016. Within a week or so, I had binged the entire series and loved every episode... except for 'Men Against Fire.' That one was wack.

Recently, some headlines have been so frighteningly close to sounding like prequels to specific 'Black Mirror' episodes that I feel like I have to point them out. Whether it's art imitating life, life imitating art, or some perpetual cycle of one hand washes the other hand is beyond me. Regardless of which colloquialism best applies to the phenomena -- this is some scary s***.

***By the way, there are major 'Black Mirror' SPOILERS AHEAD***


Boston Dynamics has made another robot that will eventually kill us all...

...does that robot look familiar to you?

Black Mirror Episode: 'Metalhead'



The headline is fairly on the nose, but researchers at the University of Toronto Scarborough have made some fascinating advancements in mind reading...

...can't say I've ever seen anything like that befo... oh, wait. Yes, I have.

Black Mirror Episode: 'Crocodile'


A UK-based futurologist (yeah, I don't know either, man) announced that humanity will achieve immortality by the year 2050 through one of three ways. One of them being digital immortality...

....now that sounds very familiar.

Black Mirror Episode: 'San Junipero'

Well, there you have it -- 'Black Mirror' is for real. I'll see you guys in our never-ending future. Let's just hope they don't find a way to upload metalheads into San Junipero.

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