Three suspects were arrested on Monday and charged with robbing the Marathon gas station in Grand Blanc.

The incident happened Saturday night around  7:50 p.m at the Marathon station on the corner of Saginaw Street and Perry Road.

According to ABC12,  a woman walked into the gas station wearing a black mask covering the bottom half of her face. She waited for the customers to leave and then locked the store door and threatened the clerk with a knife. She then went to the back door and let a male suspect inside.

They loaded up a backpack with cash and cigarettes and then took off.

Police got footage from the surveillance camera and were able to identify the suspects. They tracked them down to a Burton residence where evidence from the robbery was out in the open. They arrested two females and a male.

It's rare to see something like this happen in Grand Blanc especially in the city of Grand Blanc.

Source: ABC12

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