Most families require each guest to bring a dish to pass on Thanksgiving.  If anyone in your family brings a giant Bud Light bottle, police in Florida are asking you to give them a call.  Apparently some clown stole a 30 foot inflatable Bud Light bottle during a 3 day festival. is reporting that police have some leads, but hope someone will just return it.  What could you do with an inflatable that big?  Bounce on it?  Live in it? F*** it?  Party decoration?  I guess anything is possible with a 30 foot Bud Light bottle.  If you have it, keep it.  Nothing says you like to party than a 30 foot beer inflatable.

Oh upon further investigation, the blow up is worth $5000!!!  Hold that sucker for ransom!  $5000 dollars buys a lot of real Bud Lights!

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