March Madness is here! I’m more of a football fan, but it’s difficult to compete with the excitement and energy of March Madness.

Here are 5 Facts About March Madness to get you in the spirit. I’m rooting for the Spartans, but best of luck to all!

5 Facts About March Madness (via

1. March Madness bracket odds are over 9-quintillion-to-1. Yeah, not good odds.

2. March Madness winners keep the winning court. Since 1986, teams have been given the actual hardwood court they won the championship on.

3. $2.5 billion is illegally bet on March Madness each year.

4. The NCAA does not profit from March Madness.

5. No. 16 seeds are a March Madness lost cause. No. 16 seeds have  record of 0-for-96.

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