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Google has been keeping track of all the Halloween costume searches this year and now we know the top five costumes searched for right here in Flint.

Halloween is the only holiday we have that gets better with age. Sure it was cool when we were little, but it just seems to be more fun as an adult. If you are looking for a last-minute costume idea, here are the top five googled costumes in Flint this year. To be honest though Flint, I'm not super impressed with what you want to be this year.

1. IT - This one comes as no surprise with all the hoopla around the movie. Not only is 'IT' the number one searched costume in Flint, but it is also number one nationwide. 

2. Audrey from 'Descendants' - I haven't seen any of these movies so I don't know what the attraction to this costume is. 

3. Witch - This entry surprised me a bit. It seems pretty generic and is done by thousands every year, but to each their own I guess. #dorthighwayhookerwitch #neverforget

4. VSCO Girl - This entry immediately made me feel old. I had no idea what it was and had to have some people explain it to me. I can't keep up with kids nowadays nor do I understand why this is even a thing.

5. Squirrel - Really Flint, really? This is in the top five. What is going where so many people want to be a squirrel for Halloween. 


So, for better or for worse, those are the top five costumes searched for in Flint in 2019. Just for good measure, here are the number one searches for other cities in Michigan.

Lansing - Werewolf 

Grand Rapids - Dinosaur 

Detroit - Descendants 


Alpena - Cookie Monster 

Traverse City - Skeleton 

Marquette - Nerd 

Finally, I feel the need to throw this one in here as well. It is quite possibly the best costume I have ever created. Several years ago I went to a Halloween party dressed as Maggie Meadows' Gynocologist. It was amazing!