With Father's Day coming up on Sunday, here are just a few suggestions of what to get your dad.

It's the question that we all ask every year for many different occasions, "what do we get _________ for ________?"  In this case, what do we get dad for Father's Day? Speaking as a father, my suggestion is to keep it simple. We can never have too much of something we like. For example, if you know your dad likes a particular golf ball or beer or something that he buys often, help him stock up on that item. He will appreciate that.

Another great idea is to play off his favorites or hobbies and get something off the wall that relates to those favorites or hobbies. Personally, I am a nerd and I love the MCU, Star Wars, etc...and if I were to be gifted a Mjolnir (Thor's hammer) Toilet Paper Holder, the particular child that gave it to me would move higher up the chain in my will. Even though we are dads, we are also big children, so don't be afraid to get us something weird.

The classic gift ideas never die either. When thinking of a gift for dad, you can never go wrong with tools, even weird tools that you think he may never use. Many dads like myself have spent a number of years building up our tool collections, even if we are bad at building things. Fixing something around the house is one thing, but owning the specific tool for that specific job is one of the best feelings ever. It gives us purpose. Plus, dads love saying things like "hand me the spud wrench."

Finally, the best and easiest thing to do for dad on Father's Day is just spending time with the old man. Take him to dinner at his favorite restaurant, take him golfing or fishing, or even cook up a big steak on the grill. Carve out a few hours and hang out with dad. We love that.

Also, in case you haven't figured it out, this is also a personal wish list. Feel free to send all these items to me here at the Banana Studios. Ha!


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