Father's day

Boob-Tastic Kate Upton Gifs
No matter the reason or the season, seeing awesome boobaliciousness never goes out of style. It is with that in mind that we bring you the most breastacular Kate Upton GIFs that we could find on the interwebs.
Most Awesome Bad Dads [VIDEO]
Father's Day is this weekend and I gotta tell ya, I've got the coolest dad ever. Not everybody is that lucky, some dads are just bad at the job. Here's a compilation video of some dads that are a little rough around the edges.
Father’s Day eCard From My Son [VIDEO]
My son sent me the funniest eCard for Father's day. This card is perfect because at his age, he's all about farts and poop. Hell, even at my age, I still laugh at that stuff. This is way better than getting some Hallmark card. Thanks Aiden, I love you buddy.