If your dad loves McDonald's he is going to be all over this super-sized take on the McGriddle. The end result in this particular how to video looks more like a McGriddle casserole. 

I have never heard of Chef Shaun Latham AKA 'The $20 Chef' before now, but I will definitely be checking out more of his videos. Trust me, he is not your typical polished TV chef. Heads up he drops F-bombs. His take on the McGriddle looks damn good. I am talking pancakes, bacon, hamburger, eggs, and tater tots.

I am no chef, but I think you could use all of the ingredients Chef Shaun recommends and make burgers out of them. Hells yes! However you celebrate Father's Day I hope it includes an extra special meal for dad and some tequila of course. Duh!

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