Despite what your spoiled, overly-critical friends have been bitching about the last few episodes, the third season of 'The Walking Dead' has been incredible. With the end of the season and a full-on battle between Woodbury and Rick's group  just hours away, we decided to go spoiler-free and name some things that definitely won't happen.

  • 1

    Rick and The Governor Make Up

    'The Walking Dead' is pretty unpredictable, but there is no way in Hell that these two are going to "let bygones be bygones." They may not have an epic battle in the finale -- we're hoping they do though -- but we can say with some degree of certainty that a truce is certainly not in the cards.

  • 2

    Carol and Daryl Are The Same Person

    In a Tyler Durdan-esque twist, we learn that Daryl and Carol are both the same person. Think about it -- they rarely are seen interacting with the group at the same time, they both have lesbian haircuts, their chemistry is great, yet they still have not hooked up. Seriously though, I'm glad this show hasn't resorted to parlor tricks like this yet.

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    Rick Bangs Ghost Lori

    The whole "Rick sees dead people" bit is getting somewhat annoying, but what if they went full-on 'Grey's Anatomy' and let Rick have one last supernatural "roll in the hay" with his old lady? Seriously, that really happened on that show. Why do I know that? Don't ask.

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    Beth Is Revealed To Be A Magical Fairy

    Hey, man. It worked for 'True Blood' (sort of). Plus, it would give Hershel's daughter something to do aside from her regular, boring duties -- singing at the end of episodes, changing babies and shooting down Carl's premature sexual advances.

  • 5

    Everyone Died at the Farm Last Year

    This would mark the second time my favorite TV show pulled this one on me. I swear to God if we find out that they all died at the farm last season and the prison and Woodbury are some sort of metaphor for purgatory and the after life -- I will cut somebody. Seriously, f--- you 'Lost.'