This summer the city of Flint will be getting six new playgrounds including Dewey Park, Farnumwood, Cook, Eldorado Vista, Whaley and Clara Hilborn.

This really is great news for the kids in our area. A lot of the playgrounds are old and beat up with outdated equipment so these new playgrounds will really be a great addition to the community. It will get kids off their butts and back outside to have some old school fun. The playgrounds are also being built with the hope of bringing families together again.

According to WNEM, the project costs $400,000, with most of the funding coming from a grant from the Flint Kids Fund of the Foundation for Flint. Other partners include the city of Flint, Community Foundation of Greater Flint, Make an Impact Foundation and United Way of Genesee County.

I just hope they're able to keep these playgrounds safe for families and they don't turn into a place for drug dealers to meet and sell drugs or whatever else. With the amount of money going into this project, I'm sure they'll do whatever it takes to keep these six new playgrounds safe. Positive thinking, right?

I've noticed comments on social media already from people saying how they need to fix the roads, fix the water problem and a bunch of other issues first. I agree with those people, those are problems that need to be resolved but this is a grant for the kids. This is where this money needs to go because that's what it's intended for. It's something positive for the kids in our community and that's definitely something they need.

The playgrounds will be built in July and August

Source: WNEM


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