It's that time again, when we take account of the last year and dissect exactly why it sucked ass. From Vinnie Paul's death, to Slayer's retirement and System of a Down’s new album falling apart, this is why 2018 was awful.

2018 sucked right off the bat, with Slayer announcing their breakup back in January. First, metalhead tears flooded the internet, then, fans flooded arenas around the world to bid farewell to the extreme thrash innovators. Having battled neck and sleep apnea issues for years, Tom Araya has certainly earned his pension, and worst comes to worst, Kerry King can live out his days handling snakes at his Psychotic Reptiles nursery.

In 2018, the death of Vinnie Paul shattered our hearts. Dying suddenly of heart failure, Vinnie Paul left us at age 54, ending the lineage of Pantera’s iconic Abbott brothers. Beyond losing one of metal’s greatest drummers, 2018 saw the end of Motorhead’s Three Amigos, as Fast Eddie Clarke joined Lemmy and Phil Taylor on the other side. We also lost All That Remains’ Oli Herbert, We Came as Romans’ Kyle Pavone, Huntress’ Jill Janus and others far too young.

System of a Down tried their damnedest to write a new album together, but the creative impasse between members was just too much. Though Daron Malakian claims he has a full album ready, vocalist Serj Tankian just wasn’t feeling it. “I had to draw a line in the sand,” Tankian said about issues with creative input, publishing rights and conceptual themes. “As we couldn’t see eye to eye, we decided to put aside the idea of a record altogether for the time being.”

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