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It's not easy being a fan of the Detroit Lions, but these items can help you survive even the toughest calls that cost your boys the game.


Detroit Lions Flask

Boelter Brands via Amazon

Let's be honest. If you still care about the team, you're gonna want some of grandpappy's ol' cough syrup handy to take the sting out of those tough losses.


Detroit Lions Mask

Franklin Sports via Amazon

If they win you can take the mask off. If they blow it in the second half, why not keep your anonymity? It's a win-win, even if it's a loss.

Herbal Teas

Traditional Medicinals via Amazon

Screaming at the TV for hours can cause you to lose your voice. Herbal teas are supposed to be great for that.


Extra Strength Tylenol -- Rapid Release Gels

Tylenol via Amazon

Because Lions games have been known to cause a headache or 16.


Detroit Lions Headband

Anne-Louise Quarfoth via Getty Stock / ThinkStock | Amazon

The beauty of this headband is that you can show support for your team, while also having the option of pulling it down a few inches for those moments when you can't bear to look. When you activate the "blindfold mode," you can finally see what it's like to view the 4th quarter of a Lions game the way the refs do. Am I right? (winks obnoxiously)

Ear Plugs

MUDEELA via Amazon

If not being able to see the game isn't enough, these might help add some extra ambiguity to those blatant bad calls and unforgivable missed opportunities. Look, these ones are even close to the team's color, making this the perfect accessory to block out your favorite team's next loss.


Football Rule Book


This is a must-have for the Lions fan trying to find any excuse for their team's latest defeat other than "they blew it." It won't always be as easy as it was with Green Bay.


Barry Sanders DVD

NFL Films via Amazon

Whenever the current Lions are just too crushing to watch, why not pop in this DVD and reminisce on the good days when the Lions were still unpredictable... but in an exciting way.


Tom Brady Jersey

VF LSG via Amazon

Look, we both know how this is going to go down. It doesn't hurt to have a backup team that you can root for in the playoffs. Wouldn't you like to be happy at the end of a season for a change? Besides, Tom Brady went to Michigan, so that kind of counts as rooting for the home team, right?