Breaking into an old mans house seems like it would be easy, unless that old man was an armed WWII vet.  Check out the details on this old man and the home invader he killed.

There's a lot of things you can say about old people.  They smell funny, they move slow, they tell you the same stories a million time.  But you can't say they're not tough.  These people have lived through more than most of us can imagine and if you try to break into one of their homes, you might end up dead.

Earl Jones, a 92-year-old WWII vet had his home broken into twice and when he heard somebody trying to get in a third time, he got his gun and waited for the intruder.  When the man started to climb the stairs, Jones shot him.  Jones was quoted saying  "I aimed for the center of the heart in the chest … He’s a big guy, he had a big chest".

The body of the intruder was later recovered from a car, where two accomplices had dragged the body and attempted to get away from the scene.

Police will further investigate the incident to see if Jones will face any charges.

Source: Fox News