You think Aaron Lewis fans would keep quiet during his shows by now. Nope! Seems like every week, a new Aaron Lewis freakout video hits YouTube, so we put together 15 of his greatest hits.

Most of these people are just drunk and disorderly, screaming while the estranged Staind frontman is trying to create a moment. Literally, though, one wrong move and Lewis is on your ass in front of the entire audience.

One fan found out the hard way by yelling “Sugar daddy!” in the middle of “Grandaddy’s Gun.” Lewis almost immediately stopped playing and said, “What the fuck is wrong with you?” Even when a fan yells, “I fucking love you, man!”, Lewis isn’t having it.

Many of these adversarial moments are justified, especially when audience members are groping a female crowd surfer. The musician really flipped out that time, screaming, “You fucking pieces of shit are molesting her while she’s on the fucking crowd. Your fucking mothers should be ashamed of themselves, you pieces of shit!”

Check out these and other ‘Aaron Lewis vs. Fans’ moments in the Loud List above.

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