Adelitas Way is set to rock tomorrow night at 9:30 PM ET. Tomorrow's performance will feature the entire band. You can watch the show via the bands Facebook page or YouTube channel.

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I have always loved having Rick DeJesus in studio whenever the band would roll throught town to play The Machine Shop. I was lucky enough to even see him perform in Las Vegas a few years ago. Rick is a hell of a guy, and AW is one of the hardest working bands in the business.

A lot of bands have really been going above and beyond for fans during the coronavirus pandemic, and as a music fan - it means a lot. I have watched Royal Bliss perform, and Vinnie from Sponge does a cool feature on Saturday afternoons called the Beer Sessions, and this is defintiley not the first time AW has gone live via social media for fans. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Let me know what bands you have been watching too, live music during this crazy time does make a difference. Here is to a great weekend. I will be watching tomorrow, I hope you will be too. Cheers.

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