If your summer plans involve you floating down the river sucking down beers with your friends and family, you better prepare for some serious fines or even jail time depending what river you float down.

According to UpNorthLive, the National Forest Service announced yesterday (Wednesday) they will be prohibiting alcohol on parts of the AuSable, Manistee and Pine rivers during the summer.

Alcohol will be banned on portions of the rivers and within 200 feet of the rivers between May 24 and September 2. If violated, it could cost you $5,000 in fines or 5 years in prison.

Tony LaBrie

I've been going up north (Mio) to the AuSable River for well over 20 years, so I freaked out when I first heard about this new law. As I dug a little deeper, I realized it didn't affect where we float on the river. THANK GOD!

It affects the AuSable River between Mio Dam Pond and 4001 Canoe Landing, Manistee River between Tippy Dam and the Huron-Manistee National Forests’ Administrative Boundary and Pine River between Elm Flats and Low Bridge.

Pollution, disturbing fish/wildlife habitat and more people using the areas are the main reasons for putting this into action. I guess I can understand the reasoning behind the decision, I just hope this new law doesn't stretch into my section of the party river.

Source: UpNorthLive