To hype up their forthcoming album 'The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here,' Alice In Chains have put together a hilarious mockumentary titled 'AIC23' that also gives us a peek at the new tunes 'Voices' and 'Phantom Limb.'

The boys in AIC have always had a good sense of humor and show that they still don't mind a little self-deprecation.

In the video, hosted by terrible (and probably fictional) filmmaker Alan Poole McLard, the band members give interviews in disguise that make fun of almost every aspect of their music. Drummer Sean Kinney is dressed as a hipster, who ironically agreed to do the interview, while Jerry Cantrell plays a country musician claiming to have been ripped off by Jerry Cantrell -- it's all very meta. William DuVall plays a reggae musician, who "rastafies" their single 'Hollow,' and Mike Inez portrays a death metal dude who loves AIC because they famously sang the lyrics "Deny Your Maker" in the tune 'Man in the Box.'

Adding to the spoofery, there are guest spots from Lars Ulrich, Pearl Jam's Mike McCready, Members of Mastodon, Duff McKagan and more, who are all on different pages when it comes to the fact that AIC even still exists. The band does, in fact, exist and will return with their second effort featuring William DuVall on vocals, 'The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here,' on May 14th.

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