After years of 'Metal Gear Solid' being a PlayStation exclusive at launch, Kojima will finally release the next outing of the franchise on Xbox as well, which is fine. The problem is that Xbox users will get exclusive DLC this time out... WTF, Kojima?

Listen, I'm all for platform equality. That's fine with me. But the only reason I stayed with PlayStation, when it was time to upgrade my system years ago, was because 'Metal Gear Solid 4' was an exclusive title. Now that I've been with the Sony family for this many years (over a decade between PS2 and PS3), there's no way I'm jumping ship. Apparently, Kojima-Son doesn't care about disrespecting those who've spent hundreds of dollars in the past just to stay loyal to his franchise.

Now, if we -- as PS3/future or current PS4 owners -- are going to lose a character to Xbox, I think it's safe to say Raiden would be the number one choice. Even though his transformation into a cyborg ninja is pretty badass, no one can forget that he's still the whiny bitch boy from 'Sons of Liberty.' Here's the problem -- if anybody is getting exclusive DLC, it should be PlayStation users only. Period. However, we do get an exclusive Solid Snake mission, which is pretty cool even if it is in "1998 vision."

How does a cybernetic warrior from 2018 show up in 1975 anyway? I know DLC doesn't have to be canon and Kojima's stories are always a little wacky, but this is a stretch even for him. Either way, PlayStation owners can see what they won't be getting w/ 'Ground Zeroes' below.