This is a topic that is sure to get people fired up because I would have to think that most  agree texting in a theater is a bad idea. I know there are also those that don't see a problem with it at all (sigh).

Let's look at both sides here because there definitely are pros and cons when it comes to texting in a theater and some exceptions that can be made.

Negatives: Straight up, it's rude. I hate sitting next to someone tool who has their phone out with that big ass bright screen, it's very distracting when trying to focus on a movie especially if a boob scene is coming up. I mean seriously, you can't wait a couple hours to look at your stupid phone?!

Positives: You can post pictures of your popcorn on Instagram, check-in on Facebook plus tag whoever you're with, take selfies and send em' to friends, you can post spoiler alerts whenever you want, take more pictures of your popcorn and  stay on top of every social media account you've ever been tied to since the dawn of social media

Exceptions: If you keep your brightness turned down as much as possible, I would think it's okay if it's date night and you get a text from the sitter about your kids. Also, if the movie sucks and you need to check the time to see how much more pain you must endure before the end. That's it, those are the only freaking reasons you should ever need to pull out your phone and put it in front of your stupid face.