One person's trash can be another person's treasure, and at the very least you can feel better about how you get rid of your unwanted crap. 

The truth is, as a whole, we throw away a lot of stuff. Where is away, though? I mean, it's out of our sight and mind when we drop our trash off at the dumpster, but we all really know that the stuff goes into the earth. I've got this big pile of stuff that's just been hanging out at my place because I'm too lazy to take it to a donation center and I don't want to put it in the garbage. I'm sure I'm not the only person with this problem. This company helps with that problem. I found out about Junk King because I grew up with one of the owners of the Grand Rapids location. Joe Howard, as seen in the FOX 17 video below, told me about it a few months ago including the facts that they give free quotes, come to your place and do all of the work, AND recycle much of the "junk" they remove. We also have a Junk King location servicing the Flint area as well, you can get details at their website.

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