It's no secret that going to Rock on the Range has been my absolute favorite thing to do each year.  I always say that Columbus Crew Stadium holds a piece of my heart that I get to visit annually, and I have attended this festival since 2009.  I'm hanging back at the station with Chris Monroe this year while Tony, Maggie, and Tree go live it up with the rock stars, so I figured I'd get a small fix and share stuff from memory lane.

Sometimes you can't take the whole totem pole, so you gotta leave the base behind.  Since this is my first year at The Banana, I'll be here in Flint all weekend.  The good news:  you party animals are awesome and we'll have a blast!  In other news:  I'm stuck with Chris.  It's okay though, because Monroe and I have a fun filled weekend planned!

These are just a few of the good times that I could find pictures of so you can see why Rock on the Range is so fantastic.  I know my crew will have an amazing time!

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