Banana 101.5 has officially been on the air in Flint for the past 25 years. To celebrate this landmark occassion we've asked you to join in on the fun by sending in your favorite memories of the past 25 years.

Listeners have been sharing their memories including photos, videos, audio messages and stories through the Banana app.

The one below is from Todd Messinger who's been a long-time listener and as can tell, a very lucky one at that.

  1. Getting to see Korn from the side of the stage at the Banana 20th anniversary concert
  2. The Megabus to Megadeth
  3. That time that Maggie almost got in a fistfight with someone in the McDonalds drive-thru
  4. Meet and Greet with Saint Asonia
  5. Burgers and Brews (the time that Maggie won)
  6. The time I won the Ghost guitar
  7. That one time that Chris got drunk
  8. The time that I sent Chris a dick bomb for his birthday
  9. Bad Bowlers League
  10. The time that I won Iron Maiden tickets
  11. Watching Rob Zombie from the back of the truck at the first Loudwire Live
  12. That one time that Tony got drunk
  13. Free Beer and Hot Wings Live shows
  14. Meet and greet with Sick Puppies
  15. Soundcheck party with Trapt
  16. The time that my wife got her ass smacked on the air for a free tattoo that she never got
  17. Burgers and Brews (that other time Maggie won)
  18. That time I left my daughter’s open house to try to win Breaking Ben tickets
  19. Meet and greet with Devour the Day
  20. Getting to meet Suicidal Tendencies at the Megadeth show
  21. The time that Chris Brooks broke bad news to Maggie
  22. The bus trip to Trans Siberian Orchestra
  23. The dozens of times that I placed an asshole parking card on the Banana truck
  24. That one time that Maggie got drunk
  25. Pig and Swig at the Ren Fest

If you want to make some new memories with the Banana, there's no better time to get started than our 25th Birthday Bash w/ Pop Evil and The Capitol Theatre -- click here to get your tickets now.


Also, don't forget to submit your favorite Banana memories via the app. You can write them out, send pictures, or just tell your story directly into the phone and record it all inside the app... audio memories/birthday wishes might even make it to the air. Submit your memory by clicking the "Banana 25" button on the menu bar (see picture below).

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