As we all know, the Secretary of State office can be extremely frustrating due to lengthy lines, stinky customers, and a long wait that feels like an eternity. Some people get so enraged that they shout out things that they should probably keep to themselves.

According to WXYZ, earlier today a man walked into a Secretary of State branch in Trenton and tried to transfer the title of a moped from Ohio to Michigan. Workers told him that if he didn't have the title with him, they couldn't help him. He did not have the title with him.

This dude got super pissed and allegedly threatened to "blow the place up." Apparently, the police were called but he left before they got there. The police are trying to figure out if it was truly a credible threat as they thought it sounded like an angry person just making a statement.

It was probably just a guy that waited in line for a long time only to be denied the service he was requesting so he got mad and made the threatening statement without truly meaning his words. I don't know why he got so mad at the employees, technically it was his fault in the first place for not having the proper paperwork.

In this day and age, it's better to be safe than sorry and I imagine that's why the police were called.

Now the branch has even more people pissed off because they ended up closing for the day.