If you own an iPhone, iPad or an Apple smartwatch you might be seeing a new software update soon that will bring some new improvements to your iPhone.

Apple will be adding over 70 new emoji to their lineup with the new iOS 12.1 update. Some of the new add-ons will include a cupcake, party hat, and streamer along with a llama and a bagel. Also to be added will be other variations of people with different color hair like red, grey along with curly hair and a bald emoji (YES). Sports fans will see some new ones as well with the additions of a softball, frisbee, and lacrosse just to name a few.

The company has not released a launch date for the new iOS yet, but it will affect not only iPhones, but iPads, iPod touch, and apple smartwatches. The update will also speed up your device. I just wonder what all these new emoji will mean other than what they actually are.


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